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 Exhibitions @ the Escondido Municipal Gallery


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2016 Exhibition Schedule

2015 Exhibition Schedule

Wood, a Furniture Show VII
January 8- February 6, 2016
Images Receiving : December 19
Reception: January 9
Curator: Brian Murphy

Summation 2015

December 11- January 2
Receiving: November 20 & 21
Reception: December 12
Juror: Lisa Bebi

Art Riot
November 13-December 5
Receiving: October 16 & 17
Reception: November 14
Juror: Nina Deerfield

Betty Woodaman
Memorial Exhibition

October 9-November 7
Receiving: September 18 &19
Reception: October 10
Jurors: Woody, Luke and Carol Woodaman

Perfect World
September 11-October 3
Receiving: August 21 & 22
Reception: September 12
Juror: Makeda "Dread" Cheatom

Small Images
August 7-September 5
Receiving July 17&18
Reception: August 8
People's Choice

Local Color/ All Creatures Big and Small
July 10- August 1
Receiving: June 19 & 20
Reception: July 11
Juror: Harry Bliss

Eap Members Exhibition
June 12-July 5
Receiving: May 15 & 16
Reception: June 13
Peoples' Choice

 Contemporary Realism
May 8- June 5
Receiving: April 17 & 18
Reception: May 9
Juror: Carol Mansfield

Art of Assemblage
April 10-May 2
Receiving: March 27 & 28
Reception: April 11
Juror: Renee Richetts

Food for Thought
February 13 - March 7
Receiving: January 16
& 17
Reception: February 14
People's Choice

WOOD, a Furniture Show VI
January 9 - February 7, 2015
deadline for images:
December 20, 2014
Reception: January 10, 2015
Curator: Brian Murphy

Summation 2014
December 12-January 3,2015
Receiving :November 14&15
Reception: December 13
Juror: Victoria Huckins

Art Riot
November 7- December 6, 2014
Receiving: October 17 & 18
Reception: November 8
Juror: Ted Washington

Betty Woodaman
 Memorial Art Exhibition
Receiving: September19 & 20
Reception: October 11
Jurors: Woody, Luke, and Carol Woodaman

Fiber and Art Quilts Exhibition
August 8 - Sept. 27, 2014
Receiving: July 18 & 19
Reception: September 13
Juror: Deborah Jarchow

Local Color
July 11-Aug. 2, 2014
Receiving: June 20 & 21
Reception: July 12
Juror: IIona Radelow
EAP Members Exhibition
June 13  - July 5, 2014
Receiving: May 16 & 17
Reception: June 14
People's Choice
Contemporary Realism
May 9 - May 31, 2014
Receiving: April18 & 19
Reception: May 10
Juror: Harry Bliss

April 11- May 3,2014
receiving: March 29th
Reception: Sat. April 12th

Emerging Student Artist High School Student exhib.
April 12 - May 3, 2014
receiving: Sat. March 29th
11am - 2pm
Reception: Sat. April 12th
50th Congressional Dist. ceremony for art competition

Feb. 7- March 1
Receiving: Jan. 17 & 18
Reception: Feb. 8

"Wood" a Furniture Show V
Jan. 10-Feb.1, 2014
Deadline for images: Dec. 14

Summation 2013
Dec.10 - Jan.14
Receiving: Nov. 15 & 16
Reception: Sat. Dec.14, 2013

Juror: Chris Cochran
Nov. 8 - Dec. 7, 2013
Receiving: Oct. 18 & 19
Receptions: Nov. 9

Art + Science 2013
Claire L. Evans
click here for juror statement
August 9 - Sept. 28,2013
Receiving: July 19 & 20
Reception: Sept.14
Film/Performance: Aug. 31

Local Color
with Ehren Tool and the Dirty Canteen weblinks
press release
July 12 - August 3,2013
Receiving: June 14 & 15
People's Choice

June 7 - July 6, 2013
Receiving: May 17 & 18
Juror: Annette Cyr


April 11- May 4
Receiving: April 5 & 6
Reception: April 13
Coordinator: Marty Tiedeman

Contemporary Realism
May 10-June 1, 2013
Receiving: April 19&20
Reception: May 11th
Juror: Daniel Foster


May 10-June 1,2013

Receiving: April 19 - May 4

Juror: TBA

Members Only
February 8-March 2, 2013
Receiving:Jan18 & 19
Reception: Sat. February 9th
People's Choice

2012 Exhibition Schedule

Summation 2012
December 7 - Jan. 4, 2013
Receiving: Nov. 16 & 17
Reception: Sat. Dec. 8th
Juror: Martha Ehringer


Art Riot

November 9 - Dec. 1, 2012

Receiving: Oct. 19 & 20

Reception: Sat. Nov. 10th

Juror: John Rubesha


Recycled Art

October 12- November 2,

Receiving: September14 & 15

Reception: Sat. Oct. 13th
Recycled Materials Runway Event: Sat. Oct. 27  6:30pm

West Coast Fiber & Book Arts

August 21 - September 29, 2012

Receiving: July 20 & 21

Reception: September 8

Juror: Stephanie Bedwell


Local Color
July 13- August 3, 2012

Receiving: June 15 & 16

Reception : July 14

People's Choice

Small Scale-Toy Store

June 8 - July 6, 2012
Receiving: May 18 & 19
Reception: June 9
Juror: Renee Richetts

Contemporary Realism
May 11-June1, 2012
Receiving: April 20& 21
Reception : Sat. May 12
Juror: Tara Smith

April 12 - May 4, 2012
Reception: Sat. April 14
Coordinator: Marty Tiedeman
Juror: Joe Nalven

EAP Members
Feb. 10 - March 4,2012
Receiving: Jan. 20 & 21
Reception: Sat. Feb. 11
People's Choice

Summation 2011
Dec. 9 -Dec. 31, 2011
Receiving: Nov. 18 & 19
Reception: Sat. Dec. 10
Juror: Charlotte Cagan

Art Riot
Nov. 11-Dec. 2
Receiving: Oct.14 & 15
Reception: Sat. Nov. 12
Juror: Joe Nalven

Recycled Art
October 7 - Nov. 4th,2011
Receiving : Sept. 16 & 17
Reception: Sat. Oct. 8th
Juror: Victoria Huckins

Art + Science
Click here for lecture and workshop schedule
August 9 - September 30,2011
Receiving : July 22  & 23
Documentation Day: Aug.13
Reception: Sept. 10
Juror: Ruth West

Local Color
July 8 - August 1,2011
Receiving : June 17 & 18
Reception: July 9
People's Choice

Mine the Chatter
June 10 - July 1,2011
Receiving : May 20 & 21
Reception: June 11
Juror: Kevin Freitas

April 7- May 6,2011
Receiving :1&2
Reception: April 9
Coordinator Marty Tiedeman

Contemporary Realism
May 13- June 3, 2011
Receiving: April 15 & 16
Reception: May 14
Juror: Moya Devine

Emerging Student Artist
Local High School Students
May 13- June3, 2011
Recieving: April 29& 30
Reception:May 14

Ity Bity, Isty-Bitsy, Teeny Weeny - Small Scale Show with the Longest Title
Feb. 11 - March 4, 2011
Receiving: Jan 14 & 15
Reception: Feb 12, 2011
Juror: Catherine Sass

EAP Members 2011
Jan. 7 - Feb. 4 , 2011
Receiving: Dec. 17 & 18
Reception: Jan. 8, 2011
People's Choice

Summation 2010
Dec. 10,2010-Jan.1,2011
Receiving: Nov. 19 & 20
Reception: Dec.11. 2010
Juror: Amy Galpin

Art Riot
Nov. 12 - Dec. 6, 2010
Receiving: Oct. 15 & 16
Reception: Nov. 13, 2010
Juror: Daniel Martinez 

Recycled Materials Fashion Show
October 23rd, 2010 Click here for more info about the Fashion Show

(Note: Prospectus updated.  Model Rehearsal Date Changed to Oct. 21st at 5:00 PM)

Recycled Art Exhibition
Oct. 8 - Nov. 6, 2010
Receiving: Sep. 17 & 18
Reception: Oct. 9, 2010
Juror: Renee Richetts 

Fiber & Book Arts 2010 (West Coast)
Sept. 1 - Oct 1, 2010
Receiving: July 17
Reception: Sept. 11,2010
Juror: John Marshall 

Local Color
July 9 - August 21, 2010
Receiving: June 18 & 19
Reception: July 10
People's Choice

The Art of Making Money
June 10 - July 3, 2010
Receiving: May 14 & 15
Reception: June 12
Juror: "Zane"

Contemporary Realism
May 7 - June 4, 2010
Receiving: April 16 & 17
Reception: May 8,2010
Juror: Rachel Teagle

Panache 2010 Invitational
March. 12 - March 27, 2010
Preview Reception: Mar. 13
Panache Auction: March 27

(Keep it) Narrow
Feb. 12 - March 5, 2010
Receiving: Jan. 15 & 16
Reception: Feb. 13
Juried Exhibition

Members Only 2010
Jan.7 - Feb. 5, 2010
Receiving: Dec. 18 & 19
Reception: Jan. 9
People's Choice

2009 Exhibition Schedule
2009 Exhibition Descriptions

Summation 2009
Dec. 11, 2009 - Jan 4, 2010
Receiving: Nov. 20 & 21
Reception: Dec. 12
Juror: Fritzie Urquhart

Glass & Metal
Nov. 13 - Dec. 4, 2009
Receiving: Oct. 16 & 17
Reception: Nov. 14
Juror: Garry Cohen

Nurture vs. Nature
October 9 - Nov. 6, 2009
Receiving: Sept 18 & 19
Reception: Oct. 10
Juror: Tom Noel & Larry Baza

Art Riot
Aug. 28 - Sept. 25, 2009
Receiving: Aug. 7 & 8
Reception: September 12
Juror: Scott Kuhnly

Art Stars/ Art and Science
June 11 - July 3, 2009
Receiving: May 15 & 16
Reception: June 13
Juror: Ruth West, Steve Boyer,
Sarah Attwood

"Greenwashing/Recycled Art"
May 8 - June 5, 2009
Reception: May 9, 5:30 -8pm
Receiving: April 17 & 18
Juror: Olivia Luther
California Center for the Arts, Escondido-Museum Curator

"Members Only"
Jan. 8 - Feb. 7, 2009
Receiving: Dec. 12 & 13, 2008
People's Choice

"Summation 2008"
December 4 - January 3
Reception: Dec. 13th, 2008
Receiving: Oct. 31 & Nov. 1
Juror: Kevin Freitas
"Focus On Glass"
November 6 - 29
Reception: November 8, 2008
Receiving: Oct. 3 & 4
Juror: Leslie Perlis
"Art Riot"
October 9 - October 31, 2008
Reception: October 11, 5:30-8pm
Receiving: Sept. 5th & 6th
Juror: Ric Todd


Robbie Adkins One With Elements  $        375.00  
Mosam   The Memory of People  $        350.00  
Mary Brown Madonna & Child  $        650.00  
Patrick Brown Crossings West 2015  $        475.00  
Kati Cowan Autumn Mosaic  $        320.00  
Tim Cline Oh! My, My  $        800.00  
Cathy Carey Agave Mar  $     1,950.00  
Isabel Camacho Diamond Just Between Us  $     2,000.00  
Petey Dietz Ocean View  $        900.00  
Michael Duke Casting Her Spell  $        850.00  
Jean Degenfelder untitled  $        200.00  
Kyle Denning It's None of Your Business  not for sale   
Jaime Dreyfus Crush  $        650.00  
Ashley Gallagher Splitz on Wheels  $        300.00  
William Guilette A Piece of Preserve  $        400.00  
Scott  Gengelbach The Last Remaining Crew Member of the Gaffers and
Sattler Research Vessel (part of "The Search for God" series)
 make an offer 
Stephanie Henry Beau & Pancake  not for sale   
Stephanie Henry Katie  not for sale  HM
Victoria Huckins Lascivious  $        950.00  
Victoria Huckins Lividity  $        650.00  
Gladys Jimenez Mr. Hanlo  $     1,500.00  
Mollie Kellogg Incognito Witch Selfie: Sunday  $     2,000.00  
Mollie Kellogg Incognito Witch Selfie: David  $     2,000.00 1st
Sherry Krulle-Beaton In Mystic Dreams  $     1,200.00  
Bradley Kaskin Plowing  $     1,100.00  
Nancy Lapointe Suffragette City  $        400.00  
John Linthurst Fly San Diego  $        300.00  
John Linthurst Bike San Diego  $        300.00  
Linda Meeker Out of the Mist  $        325.00  
Linda Meeker Tide Pool  $        325.00 3rd
Carol Mansfield Jazz  $        950.00  
Larry Miller Rainbow Fish  $        400.00  
Larry Miller 4 Faces of 2 Former Wives  $           50.00  
Virginia Mathews Moonlight  $        300.00  
Joan Mathison Middle of Nowhere  $        800.00  
Moses Muturi Mirror Mirror on the Wall  not for sale   
Louis Nidorf Doubles  $        250.00 HM
Louis Nidorf Place Setting  $        250.00  
Phaya   Fatal Attraction  $        350.00  
Janet Perkin Elizabeth Regina  $        595.00  
Janet Perkin Flight to Freedom  not for sale   
Anita Plaks Early Days  not for sale  HM
Carol Perry Clouds Trying to Land  $     1,000.00 2nd
Lorraine Page Miranda  $        150.00  
Kathy Przekopp untitled  $        350.00  
Barbara Ruys I See You  not for sale   
Renee Richetts Way Outside the Box  $        295.00  
Wayne Richard Havana at Dawn  $     1,100.00  
Wayne Richard Hands of Hope - Havana  $        420.00  
LaRetta Small-Zamora Passages  $900.00
Vita Sorrentino Similarities  $        900.00  
Patricia Titus Favorite Things  not for sale   
Patricia Titus Lucy's Legacy  not for sale   
Ann Westbrook Noemi  $        450.00  
Marjorie Weaver Black Beauty  $        300.00  
Marjorie Weaver Yosemite in Fall  $        900.00  
Stephen Wilkens Structure #51515  $        150.00  
Stephen Wilkens Structure #111914  $        300.00  

November 13- December 5, 2105
Artists Reception November 14, 5:30 - 8:00 pm

"Boulder Loop" by John Linthurst

Ronald Ainsworth  The Thistle 75
Ronald Ainsworth  Berry Red 100
K.L. Ajani In the Blink… 125
Henry Armenta Chac-Mool 100
Jan L Beaton Into the Canopy 520
Jan L Beaton Spiral Waltz 640
Lisa Bebi The Tumble 350
Lisa Bebi The Line Up 300
Mary Brown Cosmos 1.0 750
Isabel Camacho Diamond As Life Goes 1,000
Michael Duke  Striations 350
Michael Duke  Zulu 350
Michael Duke  The Blind Fisherman 650
Jo-Lind Eckstein To No Where 650
Jo-Lind Eckstein Return to Sender 550
Rachelle Farber Nuts, Screws & Bolts 125
Rachelle Farber Abstract to the 11th Degree 125
Regina Gallegos Sentinel 900
Colton Holloman Reaching Out 260
Colton Holloman Stalk Walker 190
Nancy Jennings Mission Carmel 195
Nancy Jennings Shadows - Bailey's, Palomar Mountain 199
Sherry Krulle-Beaton Crossing at the Rubicon 1800
Sherry Krulle-Beaton This Magic Moment 450
John Linthurst Boulder Loop 200
John Linthurst The Strand 200
Erica Knoblock Manor Too Late 300
Erica Knoblock Manor Mass Education and Mass Extinction 650
Louis Nidorf Red 350
Louis Nidorf Two? 350
Pax Nidorf Rose 1,000
Janet Perkin Sanctuary 895
Janet Perkin Frida Chair 395
Lorraine Page Sunrise 250
Lorraine Page Sunday Tie 150
Vita Sorrentino Small World 295
Marjorie Weaver Go Blow Your Horn 400
Marjorie Weaver Love of my Life Not for Sale
Marjorie Weaver In Deep Thought 500
Ann Westbrook  Robin 500
Mary Lou Zimdars A Great Day for Monday 400



October 9 - November 7, 2015

Opening Reception on Saturday, October 10 at 5:30PM

Ronald Ainsworth Discontinued Service $120.00  
Ronald Ainsworth Old Auto Wrecker $125.00  
Claire-Lise Matthey Anderegg Elegance $800.00  
Sherry Krulle Beaton An Autumn Gathering $1,800.00  
Lisa Bebi Friday Night Preparations $350.00  
Doris Bertch San Pasqual Moment $275.00  
Patrick Brown Quilt #1 $1,300.00  
Cathy Carey Bobcat Kachina $1,950.00  
Kati Cowan Watercolor Morning $180.00  
Linda Doll Beach Walk $2,400.00  3rd
Jameelah Dorhosti Seasons & Cycles $900.00  
Jameelah Dorhosti [Boy with Lolly] Balancing Twixt Earth and Heaven $900.00  
Carole Dowling Enjoyment $1,000.00  
Jo-Lind Eckstein Balboa Eucalyptus $400.00  
Rachelle Farber Altered Reflections $350.00  
Regina Gallegos Deep Magic $400.00  
Julia C.R. Gray Fragile/Strength $3,000.00  
Nancy Jennings Burrs Reflected in Rain Puddle $199.00  
Teresa Kokke Stephanie $500.00  
Cherrie LaPorte Fiesta del Sol $880.00  
Nancy Lee Bright Birds $475.00  
Carol Mansfield Flotsam and Jetsam $950.00  2nd
Linda Meeker Passage $275.00  
Larry Miller Magritte Dream of Fishing $900.00  
Carolyn Nespolo Bushing $450.00  
Louis Nidorf Abstract #33 $300.00  
Louis Nidorf Rebirth $350.00  
Janet Perkin Matilde $1,195.00  
Janet Perkin Flotsam and Jetsam $595.00  
Carol Perry Ryder's Dream


Paula Prass Quilted Fields $390.00  
Paula Prass In the Stillness $195.00  Honorable Mention
Ilona Radelow Borrego Bloom $8,500.00  
Dawn Rivas Virginia $300.00  
Dawn Rivas Tony's Stroll $750.00  
Robert Rose Cambria $150.00  
Robert Rose Merced River $250.00  
Judith Shadzi Peace in the Evening  $550.00  
LaRetta Small-Zamora It's Just Paper $375.00  
Ted Snoddy Butterfield Stage $300.00  
Patricia Titus Orchids


not for sale
Bonnie Tucker Black + White Forest $695.00  
Bonnie Tucker Rocky Outcrop $595.00  
Ann Westbrook Bob $450.00  
Stephen Wilkens Spindly $150.00  Honorable Mention
Woody Woodaman Angel Baly $150.00  

    Perfect World

        September 11 - October 3, 2015

           "African Dawn" Bettina Heinz

K.L.  Ajani Holding Secrets $150  
Claire-LiseMatthey Anderegg Finding Peace $1,200  
Henry Armenta Mer Elegance $125  
Lisa  Bebi Elephant Eden $850  
Lisa  Bebi Over the Moon $650  
Broughm Campbell A Song Called Harmony $2,400  
Cathy Carey Quail Family $1,950 Honorable Mention
Donna  Cosentino Ferns in a Perfect World


Isabel Camacho Diamond Child's Garden $1,800 Second Place
Will  Gibson Above Alberta Falls $400  
Will  Gibson A Dance to Youth  $300  
Julia C.R.  Gray Altered States $1,975  
Wendy Hammarstrom Village    
Bettina  Heinz The Spark of Life $850  
Bettina  Heinz African Dawn $950 First Place
Bradley  Kaskin Polly in the Garden $600 Honorable Mention
Bradley  Kaskin Our Future Neighbors $300  
Teresa Kokke Nations United $300  
Howard and Lauri   Koseff Infinite Change    
Lauri  Koseff Dream It and See It


Sherry  Krulle- Beaton Within a Fiery Sky $750  
Nicolas Kuenzi Beatrice $200 Honorable Mention
Joan Mathison Come Outside and Have a Seat NFS Honorable Mention
Larry  Miller Ignorance is Not Bliss $115  
Larry  Miller On Top of The World $500  
Lek Namath Island in the Sun $1,500  
Lek Namath First Bloom at Midnight   $550  
Pax  Nidorf Moonlight Sonata $800  
Dawn  Rivas San Miguel de Allende $550  
Dawn  Rivas Sitting By The Seine $625  
Shirley Strub Serendipity $1,200  
Patricia Titus Fields of Green and Gold $500  
Bonnie  Tucker The World is a Forrest $950 Third Place
Karen Vincent Time Out $300  
Marjorie Weaver Thinker $400  
Stephen M. Wilkins Nature Swings $50  
Lisa   You Heaven $350  

August 7- September 5, 2015
Opening Reception Saturday August 8 


Christine Ames Solitude  $400
K.L. Ajani  Cracked $100
K.L. Ajani  Sunset Glow $100
Doris Bertch Morning Walk, Kauai $225
Doris Bertch Hillside Oaks $250
Mary Brown Emergence $175
Mary Brown Hidden Truths $250
Milly Colwell Ladybug, ladybug… $225
Linda A. Doll Venetian Gold $150
Linda A. Doll Unknownness  $150
Jo-Lind Eckstein Copper Canyon  $315
Regina Gallegos Elan $300
Pat Hunter Furnani & Baby Devi $200
Pat Hunter Pretty Face $200
Bradley Kaskin Hard Times $600
Bradley Kaskin A Nun in Rome $900
Teresa Kokke Stratosphere $100
Teresa Kokke Delicious $100
Sherry Krulle-Beaton Where I Wander $295
Sherry Krulle-Beaton A House in Lambertsville $395
Carol Mansfield Desert Sunrise $150
Carol Mansfield Night Landing $150
Linda Meeker Zen Tree $225
Linda Meeker Santee Lakes Tree $225
Benva St. Morris The Beauty of Lust and Decay Not For Sale
Carolyn Nespolo Together $275
Louis Nidorf Hazel $180
Louis Nidorf No $180
Pax Nidorf The Kiss $100
Paula Poole Desire for the Sacred $200
Paula Poole View-Spot of Paula Poole $200
Ilona Radelow Beauty & The Beast $35 each or 100 for tryptic 
Ilona Radelow Spiked, Horsecamp, Mimosa For Vincent, Susie's Kitchen $35 each or 100 for tryptic 
Judith Shadzi The King $150
Vita Sorrentino Easy Rider $400
Eric Suchman Paphiopedilum $225
Eric Suchman Amanita Bay $150
Patricia Titus Balboa Park Blue Facade $400
Karen Vincent  Standing Strong $375
Karen Vincent  Pink Peppers $375
Ted Washington Racetrack $3,000
Marjorie Weaver At the Beach $275
Marjorie Weaver In Thought $175
Stephen M. Wilkens  Sentinels $150
Mary Lou Zimdars Harmony #1 $70
Mary Lou Zimdars Harmony #2 $70

                  "Avian Observatory" Cathy Carey

K.L. Ajani My Turn $250    
Henry Armenta Moby Dick Not for Sale    
Claire-Lise Matthey Anderegg Imprinted $1,500.    
Harry Bliss Desert Runner Not for Sale    
Mary Brown Morning Call $275    
Mary Brown Psychadelic Sedona Not for Sale    
Cathy Carey Ocean Air $2,100 Honorable Mention
Cathy Carey Avian Observatory $1,200 1st Place  
Isabel Camacho Diamond What's Next  $1,200    
Petey Dietz Magical Circle $275    
Jaime Dreyfus White Cloud $200    
Jaime Dreyfus Aquarius $500    
Jameelah Dorhosti Birds of Paradise,
Sing the Beauty of Earth & Heaven
Jameelah Dorhosti What is It? It's Bigger. It's Bananas $800    
Jo-Lind Eckstein Back to the Elfin Forest $600    
Jo-Lind Eckstein Walk in the Park $290    
Rachelle Farber One Bird $120    
William Gullette Feathered Friends $1,200 3rd Place
Glady Jimenez Old Chimp $700 Honorable Mention
Glady Jimenez Wolf $398    
Bradley Kaskin Old California $600    
Bradley Kaskin Green Face $800    
Nancy Lapointe Dragon Fire $400    
Fred Marinello Turtle King $85    
Moses Muturi MBWA $750    
Moses Muturi Jumbo Safari $350    
Carol Mansfield Maybe A Parade $150    
Louis Nidorf Ape Meets Man $250    
Louis Nidorf Penguin Rock + Egg $300    
Pax Nidorf Ollie $500    
Ana Phelps Elephant and the Long Hair Girl $980    
Ana Phelps The Snail $480    
Janet Perkin Moose $895    
Janet Perkin Bison $1,195    
Dawn Rivas Oak at Sunset $450    
Dawn Rivas Peaceful Reflections $625    
LaRetta Small-Zamora "Winston the Great" Dane Not for Sale    
LaRetta Small-Zamora Ruffled Feathers $750    
Aurelio Soto The Returne of Quetzalcoatl $500 2nd Place
Aurelio Soto Scarf  $200    
Patricia Titus Kia Not for Sale    
Woody Woodaman  Autumn Reflection $200    
Marjorie Weaver  Zoo Meter Dash
(Cheetahs can Run 150 Meters 70 mph)
Carla Zzi Whale Messenger Giclee Available    
Carla Zzi Metamorphosis Not for Sale Honorable Mention

Members Exhibition
June 12 - July 3

detail of "Oside Pier" by W.L. Wilson

K.J.  Ajani Untitled
Henry  Armenta Chichen-Itza
Teresa Marie Ball Yellow Flowers
Chris  Bergstrom Whale Song
Jessie  Boeller Lead nor Follow
Mary Brown Alien Fragments
Patrick  Brown Mad Mod
Cathy  Carey Agave Noche
Isabel Camacho Diamond Mi Amour
Petey Dietz Summer Sun
Marilyn  Fraser Evening Glow
Scott Gengelbach Untitled
Will Gibson Monarch
Wendy Hammarstrom Petrified Green
Cecilia  Hercules Untitled
Kim Hirsch Old School
Nancy Jennings Agave
Teresa  Kokke Waiting to be Played
Cherrie  LaPorte Bubble Up
Wilma  Lopez Rolling Fog
Moses Muturi When I Grow Up
Carolyn Nespolo Fractured Pear
Louis Nidorf Abstraction #3
Pax  Nidorf I See You
Lorraine Page Lighting the Way
Paula Prass Almost Home
Karen Samenow Abstract #147
Judith Shadzi The Grand Finale
Richard Schultz Albany House
Ted W. Snoddy Tiny Bubbles
Patricia Titus Lake Poway Plein Air
Karen Vincent Behind the Fence
Marjorie Weaver Love of my Life
Ann Westbrook Ben
Ted Whirledge Complexity of the Individual
Stephen M. Wilkens Cycle Babble
W.L. Wilson Oside Pier
Leslie Wilton Jake
Laretta Small Zamora Where?

Contemporary Realism
May 8 - June 5,2015

"Borrego" by Harry Bliss

K.L. Ajani Cal Fire  
Harry  Bliss Borrego 1st
Patrick  Brown Fireflies and All  HM
Cathy Carey Coyote Joy  
Cathy Carey Agave Mar  
Jo-Lind  Eckstein Every Day  
Rachelle Farber Perfection in Nature  
Brian  Gibson Downtown at Night   
Mike Haubenstock Sycamore  
Mike  Haubenstock Ministrone   
Nancy Jennings Butts  
Nancy Jennings Wheel  
Gladys Jimenez Blue Bug  
Gladys Jimenez Balboa Park  
Teresa Kokke Hair Care  
Nancy Lapointe Brett Fauvism  
Nancy Lapointe Big Head Todd HM
John Linthurst Santa Ysabel, CA  
John Linthurst Downtown #19  
Kurt  Lightfoot Day of the Dead 3rd
Virginia Lukei Arrival  
Jessica  Marliese Blane 2nd
Jessica  Marliese Sally  
Claire-Lise  Mathey Anderegg a Visitor  
Claire-Lise  Matthey Anderegg the Runway  
Peter  Mitten Five Lunch Bags HM
Peter  Mitten Blue Collar  
Carolyn Nespolo Square Pear  
Louis  Nidorf Pretty  Lady #23  
Louis  Nidorf selfie  
Dawn  Rivas Russian Tea Set  
Karen  Vincent Fall Morning at Lake Poway  
Karen  Vincent California Lilacs, Julian  

Stephen M. Wilkens

Clam Chowder  

The Art of Assemblage
 April 10 - May 2, 2015
Opening Reception: April 11, 5:30- 8:00pm

Glass Mosaic Surfboards by Cherrie La Porte

Mr. Shrine & W.L. Wilson Mr. Shrine, Sofia, and the ghost of Rauschenberg hitching to
Eureka Springs Arkansas
Molly  Allison Street Song  
Henry Armenta Untitled  
Lisa Bebi Ragtag Zoo  
 Harry Bliss Baroque Memories  
Mary Brown Peeling the Layers  
Mary Brown Caught in the Cosmos  
Jessie Boeller Carnival Macabre  
Jacqueline Bridge Mermaid  Diptych  
Jacqueline Bridge Jazz Glass HM
Bob Collins Artist  
Rachelle  Farber The Glow  
Regina Gallegos Junkyard Universe  
Regina Gallegos Mother Earth - Father Sky  
Scott Genglebach Homage to Rauschenberg  
Teresa Kokke Garden of Jewels  
Cherrie  LaPorte The Water Girl is Back  (triptych)  1st Place
Cherrie  LaPorte Confetti, Raindrop  
Fred  Marinello Please Move It  
Fred  Marinello Skull Warrior Tank  
Chrisanne Moats the Narcissist HM
Moses  Muturi Musically Speaking  
Carolyn Nespolo Sunny's Blown Gaskets  
Lorraine  Page Imagine It! 2nd Place
Janet Perkin Kimono  
Janet  Perkin Dream  
Janet Perkin My Town  
Carrie Repking For Medicinal Purposes Only  
Renee Richetts Viola with her friends from Wonder Brothers  
Renee  Richetts Imagine and its real  
LaRetta  Small-Zamora Pinky Pig & Dinky Dino's Most Fabulous Adventure  
LaRetta  Small-Zamora Cruella's Wonderous Shoe House  
LaRetta  Small-Zamora Chivalry Lives 3rd Place
Vita Sorrentino September Morning  
Aurelio Soto Mechanic Skull  
Patricia  Titus Balboa Parksemblage  
Karen Vincent Waiting at Escondido HM
Karen Vincent In My Backyard  
Marjorie Weaver In Deep Thought  
Stephen M. Wilkens Wiggle Room  
Mary Lou Zimdars Bagatelle  
Mary Lou Zimdars Rhymes with Orange  

Panache Invitational


February 13- March 7
Opening Reception: February 14, 5:30- 8:00pm

"Burgerdiction" by Patricia Titus

Henry Armenta Ecstasy 100
Harry  Bliss Bountiful Nature 275
Harry  Bliss Goddess Ceres 1,800
Jessie Boeller Character Growth 600
Cathy Carey the Vegan Owl 2,000
Donna  Cosentino Pears at My Window 250
Petey Dietz Ser Motivo de Reflexion 500
Rachelle Farber Carlos  
Ronald  G. Ainsworth Warriors at Rest 400
Mike Haubenstock Paella 500
Bettina  Heinz Tomato Talk 500
Nancy Jennings The French Chef 195
Bradley Kaskin The Lettuce Pickers 3,200
Teresa Kokke Spaghetti and Meatballs on a Bed of Lettuce 200
Carol Mansfield Foodies 900
Chrisanne Moats Thank You, Come Again! 90
Carolyn  Nespolo Three Pears 275
Louis Nidorf Tangelo 200
Pax Nidorf Chef 300
Tara  Pomerantz Mud Pie Surmised 275
Carrie Repking Mistakes Were Made 75
Renee Richetts Del Dios Pancake Breakfast: All You Can Eat NFS
Judith  Shadzi Fertilized eggs anyone? 750
Vita Sorrentino Radicchio and Friends 350
Bryan  Steward Silver Ivy 500
  Terrilynn EAT less, EAT well, MOVE more 300
Patricia  Titus Burgerdiction 300
Karen Vincent Hot to trot , Del Mar Fair 400
Sally Reis Vogt Gina's Heirloom Tomato 400
Marjorie Weaver Some Like it Hot at Starbarks 500
Ann Westbrook Women's Diet 300
Leslie Wilton All American Breakfast 325
Eric Whislee The Beginning 400

WOOD, A Furniture Show VI
January 9 - February 7, 2015

Featuring Southern California Woodworkers including:
Randy Bader, William Bardick, Lee Covill,  Russ Filbeck, Rueben Foat, Brian Jackson,
David Marr, Amal & Shem McNew-McFinn Designs, Brian Murphy, Noah Murphy,
David Ortega, Louis Plante, Aaron Radelow, Nouveau Designs, Craig Thibodeau

Summation 2014
December 12, 2014 - January 3, 2015

" It Fell From the Tree?" by Haley Weisenburger

Claire- Lise Matthey Anderegg Another World 1,500  
Sherry Krulle- Beaton Bathed in Amber 800  
Sherry Krulle- Beaton At Days End  550  
Shant Beudjekian The Two Figures 1,000  
Shant  Beudjekian The Portrait of a Person 1,500  
Jessie  Boeller Green Forest 700  
Jessie  Boeller Seashore 1,000  
Mary  Brown Flowers in Her Hair 200  
Mary  Brown Fontainebleu 200  
Patrick  Brown CoCo's Hat 900  
Cathy Carey Garden of Eatin' 1,800  
Kati Cowan Intrigue 550  
Marise  Decker Cat NFS  
Jaime Dreyfus Cinnamon 500  
Rachelle  Farber Floating Energy 150  
Rachelle  Farber Shades of Gray 150  
Regina  Gallegos Equipoise # 2 350  
Cecilia Hercules Emerging 400  
Mitchell P. Hill Coronado Palms 925  
Nancy Jennings Graffiti Abstract 250 HM
John Linthurst City Lights  250 3rd Place
Linda  Meeker City Mouse, Country Mouse 425  
Louis  Nidorf Smitten 600 HM
Janet Perkin Sanctus 175  
Paula  Prass Mr. Big Shot NFS HM
Carrie Repking Summer Evening 1,000  
Carrie Repking Happy 100  
Wayne  Richard Passionate Embrace 320  
Wayne  Richard Paused in Thought  340  
Dawn Rivas Julia Pfeiffer Burns Beach 1,300  
Nannette E. Benson- Schlax The Purple Jacket: Alzheimer's
 Memory Walk- Balboa Park
NFS 2nd Place
Aurelio Soto Circles, Circles 500  
Aurelio  Soto Jimi 100  
Patricia  Titus Balboa Park Façade #2 NFS  
Tali Tragarz Earth, Wind and Fire 150  
Tali  Tragarz Hidden Faces 40  
Karen Vincent Spring in Felicita 375  
Sally Reis Vogt Red Tulips 250  
Marjorie  Weaver The Rescue NFS  
Haley  Weisenburger It fell from the tree? NFS 1st Place
Ann Westbrook Mark 500  
Mary Lou Zimdars Minimals 150  


November 7 - December 6, 2014
Artists' Reception -Saturday November 8, 5:30- 8:00pm
       detail of "Presidential Puppets" by Joey Chavez

Henry Armenta Gabriel, Gabriella and Gabby 150  
Sherry Krulle Beaton Wooded Tapestry 550  
Sherry Krulle Beaton Suncrest 550  
Jan Beaton Adobe and Glass 640  
Patrick Brown Not Over 1,200  
Isabel Camacho Diamond Liberache NFS  
Misty  Cater Clark Bee Connected 220  
Joey Chavez Presidential Puppets 150 1st Place
Virginia Cole Pieces of the Past 275  
Virginia Cole Solitude 375 2nd Place
Marise Decker Untitled 75  
Marise Decker Cat 75  
Petey  Dietz Around the Corner 500  
Jaime Dreyfus Lucky Strike 150  
Michael Duke Wild and Wooly 450  
JoLind Eckstein Who Cares 550  
Rachelle Farber Emotional Landscaping 350  
Wendy  Hammerstrom Trails of Tears:Circles of Hope 250  
Mike Haubenstock Garden-Goyle 450  
Mike Haubenstock Morning at the Ranch 450  
Nancy Jennings Peacock-Leo Carillo Ranch 175  
Nancy Jennings Flower Cart 195  
Bradley Kaskin Chain Gang 1,100  
Cuauhtemoc Q. Kish Runway A 2,500  
Teresa Kokke Women's Rights March 200  
Teresa Kokke Whirling Dervish 100 HM
Nancy Lee Recycled 100  
Nancy Lee Reuse,Redo 100  
Echo Lew Bridge 1,200 3rd Place
John Linthurst Los Normals 200 HM
Florencio Q. Lopez Steppenwolf 400  
Carol Mansfield Runway Show 950  
Chrisanne Moats Point Blank 250  
Louis Nidorf Women & Her Shadow 250 HM
Louis Nidorf Reflections in Orange 200  
Gerri O'Brien Her "Oyste" 850  
Gerri O'Brien Indescribable ! 800  
Beverly Pecunia Link Hands in Friendship,Love,Peace to Keep Out Violence 175  
Janet Perkin Owl 1,500  
Paula Poole South Dreamland 200  
Patricia  Titus Surprise 700  
Patricia  Titus Tom Ham's Lighthouse NFS  
Ted  Washington Erg 3,000  
Ann  Westbrook Flame 400  

Betty Woodaman Memorial Art Exhibition

October 10 - November 1,2014

"Red Sky in the Morning" by Sherry Krulle-Beaton

Kathy Aldrich Solitude 950  
Claire Lise Matthey-Anderegg Narrow Passage 1,200  
Henry Armenta Red Koi Snake 70  
Lois Athearn Focused to win 585  
Harry  Bliss Speeding Through Provence NFS Honorable Mention
Harry  Bliss Southwest Light NFS  
Mary Brown Cicadas Alight 275  
Mary  Brown Bridges to Nowhere 250  
Patrick Brown God Helps Those 1,400 3rd Place
Patrick Brown Mardi Gras 950  
Petey Dietz RandomThoughts 350  
Jo-Lind Eckstein Anza Borrego Cactus 125  
Rachelle Farber Strong and Elegant Beauty 150  
Regina Gallegos Arabesque 200  
Regina Gallegos A Cappella 400  
Mike  Haubenstock Agave and Pink 500  
Cecilia Hercules Beneath the Layers 950  
Nancy  Jennings the Angel Dog 225  
Gladys Jimenez L.A. Bus 799  
Bradley Kaskin Quiet Path 500  
Bradley Kaskin Pulling Nets 900  
Janet  Keto Fall Bounty 395  
Teresa  Kokke Serenity 160  
Sherry  Krulle-Beaton Red Sky in the Morning 900 1st Place
Nancy  Lee Couture new York 200  
Nancy  Lee American Beauties 200  
Naomi Lesberg Watson 150  
Naomi Lesberg the Photographer 150  
Steve Lesberg Shelter Island Harbor 100  
Carolyn Nespolo WaterLily 325  
Carolyn Nespolo Full Steam Ahead 200  
Louis Nidorf Jon 300  
Louis Nidorf Couple 200  
Beverly Pecunia Violet Fluff 175  
Dawn Rivas A Stroll By the Lake 900  
Dawn Rivas Daffodils and Fruit 550  
Judith Shadzi The 50's 650 Honorable Mention
Ted Snoddy Ace 150  
Pat Titus Top Bird NFS  
Pat Titus Balboa Park Facade 500 2nd Place
Gary  Walker Innocent Death 5,800  
Mary Lou Zimdars There's Always One 350  

Fiber and Art Quilts Exhibition
August 8-September 27

Rebecca Smith Falling Into Place
Rebecca Smith Autumn Leaves
Karen  Greely Stripe 2
Karen  Greely Puzzle
Cuauhtemoc  Kish Swing Set
Cuauhtemoc  Kish Departure
Ann B.  May Senor y La Senora
Nicki Bair William and Joyce Roberts
Nicki Bair Rings of Fire
Don Weeke Three Textures
Don Weeke Mad Hatters Teapot
Mia Bloom Underneath
Linda Anderson Bali Boys
Mary Brown Sunset Cardigan
Rita Zerull Nested
Stephanie  Bedwell Untitled
Nancy  Myles Line Up
Hope Campbell Dinner for Four
Scott Genglebach War is Love #21
Henry Armenta Puff
Keely Berry LeBlanc Daucus Carota
Keely Berry LeBlanc Honey Underground
Mary Tabar Yucatan Per Bottom Up
Mary Tabar Yucatan Per Hotel
Laura Bisagna Pointless
Jean Degenfelder  A Visit to Jodphur
Jean  Degenfelder Layered Wrap
Karen  Markley Lucid
Karen  Markley Discovery
Petey Dietz Entrada
Helen Schafer Garcia Crinkly Messages
Helen Schafer Garcia Cactus Continuum

July 11 - August 2, 2014

"High Country-the Protector " by Cathy Carey

Patrick Brown Equus        1,800.00  
Cathy Carey High Country - The Protector      1,800.00 1st Place
Cathy Coverley Crow Flight        650.00  
Cathy Coverley Phoenix Rising        700.00  
Marise Decker The Return        150.00  
Jean Degenfelder Prehistoric Trio        200.00  
Jaime Dreyfus Blue Moon        500.00  
Rachelle Farber Puzzle of the Soul        300.00  
Kenda Francis Octopods Attack San Diego!        780.00  
Kenda Francis Caterpillar Attacks SD!        380.00  
Regina Gallegos Totem        800.00  
Jorge Garza Last Lap        475.00  
Jorge Garza Derby        325.00  
Scott Genglebach Sympathy for the Trojan Horse in Crimea    
Steven Goldstein Wet Lilly  NFS   
Steven Goldstein Swamp, S.C.  NFS   
James Hayes Finish Line        150.00  
Patricia Hunter On Way to Warner Springs        350.00  
Nancy Jennings Les Bicyclettes        195.00  
Gladys Jimenez Tide Pool        700.00 3rd Place
Janet Keto Summer at the Beach        175.00  
Teresa Kokke Summer Blossoms        100.00  
Carol Mansfield Random Thoughts        900.00  
Virginia Mathews Friendship Overlap        350.00 Honorable Mention
Christine McNabb Flowers in Vase        280.00  
Chrisanne Moats Untitled          80.00  
LeNardo Nelson, Sr. Protect Ur Eye Gates    12,000.00  
LeNardo Nelson, Sr. Sauappy    10,000.00  
Carolyn Nespolo Fructopia        275.00  
Pax Nidorf Cowboy        500.00  
Louis Nidorf Alone        350.00  
Beverly Pecunia Guajome Adobe in Vista        250.00  
Janet Perkin Matilde      1,195.00  
Janet  Perkin Flower Fields        295.00  
Pat  Piper Navajo Horse with Crow        600.00 2nd Place
Pat  Piper Trigger        350.00  
Paula Prass Rooster on the Edge        275.00  
Paula Prass Soul Mate        550.00  
Carrie Repking Farmers Market          75.00  
Carrie Repking Looking Over        750.00  
Dawn  Rivas Dreaming of Hollyhocks        900.00  
Dawn  Rivas Speck-tacle of Color        700.00  
Judith Shadzi Get the Gopher        350.00  
Laretta Small-Zamora Old Blue Eye        500.00  
Vita Sorrentino Festivo        500.00  
Susi Stone Mustang Auction        950.00 Honorable Mention
Susi Stone Belgian Rescue      1,250.00  
Sally Reis Vogt San Pasqual Sunflower        350.00  
Marjorie Weaver Spikey, My Love  NFS   
Marjorie Weaver Abstraction        400.00  
Woody Woodaman Leading the Pack          95.00  
Mary Lou Zimdars Blues on Blue        450.00  

Members Only
June 13 - July 5


Henry Armenta Bird of Fire
Harry Bliss The Canal
Jessie Lynn Boeller Contemplations
Virginia Cole In the Distance
Donna  Cosentino Old Oaks in Fog, Palomar Mt.
Marise Decker Maggie
Jean Degenfelder Fuscia Flower
Isabel Camacho Diamond Enough!
Petey Dietz Sukiyaki
Carol Dowling Brooke and Friends
Jamie Dreyfus Citrus
Jo-Lind Eckstein Blue Plate Special
Rachelle  Farber Pulsating Puzzle
Regina Gallegos Flamenco
Mike Haubenstock Ramona Grasslands
Cecilia Hercules Untitled
Ashley  Jenners Reptilian Nation
Nancy Jennings Piano
Gladys Jimenez Endangered Species: Leopard
Heather  Kesner Untitled
Teresa Kokke Mesa Verde
Florencio Q.  Lopez La Famiglia
Carol Mansfield Storm 2
Fred  Marinello Hitchhiker
Christine McNabb Sax Player
Debbie Nature so removed
Louis  Nidorf Golden Tree
Pax Nidorf the Intensity of True Love
Lorraine  Page A Life
Carrie Repking Accordance
Dawn Rivas Three Apples
Judith Shadzi My Spirit Soars
Vita Sorrentino Nature's Force
Sally Reis Vogt Spring Fever
Ann Westbrook Eyes & Lips I
Woody Woodaman Paris Silhouette
Terrilynn   Three for a salad

Contemporary Realism
with Juror Harry Bliss   
 May 9 - June 6, 2014                

"Love & Marriage" Louis Nidorf
Artists in the Exhibition

Nannette Benson-Schlax Madame Kira and the Red Menace
Harry Bliss Western Light
Harry Bliss The Gesture ( in two parts)
Cathy  Carey Rio Grande on the way to Taos                                     2nd Place
Jo-Lind  Eckstein Return to Sender
Jo-Lind  Eckstein Worldly Possessions
Kenda Francis Grace in the Waves
Steven Goldstein Temple Light
Mike Haubenstock Sycamore-Rancho La Bellota
Mike Haubenstock Flower Pickers- Carlsbad Flower Fields                    3rd Place
Nancy Jennings The Nest
Gladys Jimenez Art Gallery                                                       Honorable Mention
Gladys Jimenez Kathryn
Janet Keto Carol's Garden
Teresa Kokke Amazing Grace
Teresa Kokke Downtown
Kurt Lightfoot Glow in the Park #1
John Linthurst Paradise Village
John Linthurst Gas Lamp Quarter
Fred Marinello The Three
Chrisanne Moats Its okay.. really
Carolyn Nespolo Four Pears
Louis  Nidorf Love & Marriage                                                           1st Place
Louis  Nidorf Awesome Residence
Richard T. Powers Fall Cottonwoods, Santa Ysabel
Carrie Repking Nellie Blue
Carrie Repking Daydreamer
Dawn Rivas Sushi Master                                                   Honorable Mention
Dawn Rivas Salt and Pepper
Indiana Rogers Ghost Town
Judith Shadzi Water, Air, Earth, Fire
Judith Shadzi Layla
Vita Sorrentino Nature's Fall
Aurelio Soto Cosmos
Aurelio Soto Aztec Universe #1
Ann Westbrook Dave
W.L.  Wilson Los Angeles County Museum, before destruction and design "update"
Woody  Woodaman Melk  Abbey
Woody Woodaman Lonely Balloon
Mary Lou Zimdars Central Park
DreamAbility / showcasing ability not disability
April 11 - May 3, 2014

Kathleen Thomson

curator: Marty Tiedeman
Marty celebrates her final year of this fine arts multimedia exhibition
Exhibition Sponsor: Escondido Rotary Foundation

Marty with artist Oscar Garcia



Sat. March 22nd. 5:30 - 8:30pm
 Panache Invitational Art Auctions

Auction Artists:  
Niki de St. Phalle Californian Diary (Order and Chaos)
Claire-Lise Matthey Anderegg Curtain  with Pink
Sherry Krulle-Beaton In the Distance
Harry Bliss The Green Fuze
Shant Beudjekian Untitled
Daniel Brooks Fuk-U- Shima
Cathy Carey Winter and Spring, Temecula
Garry Cohen Liquid Gold
Donna Cosentino Under Ponytail Falls
Jean Degenfelder Twisted Shawl
Petey Dietz Primarily Red
Michael Duke Queen of the Runway
Jo-Lind Eckstein London Bridge is Falling Down
Elizabeth Huller Eisemann Day at the Beach
William Ferrell Untitled
Rachelle Farber Colored Moments
Helen Shafer Garcia